Discerning Minimalist

Curated to embody a clean, white space.

This curation heightens your bedroom as a place that strips you of nothing more than tranquility and rest. The Porada Kirk bed is designed with a beechwood slated base and solid canaletta walnut lower frame to provide an uninterrupted and harmonious rest.

The Porada Stylo Wood writing desk drives purpose and ideas to go along with the curation.

To elevate the modern look and feel of your bedroom, The Refin Fusion Ash are tiles that naturally blend to the curation’s overall motive.

Refined Bachelor

Eliciting a sleek and established look and feel.

Centered around rest and relaxation, the Refinsed Bachelor curation creates a perfect balance between tranquility that takes on the center stage. The Bonaldo Squaring Bed captivates those who step foot in the bedroom with its stylish presence and superior comfort.

Furnishings like the Porada Giolo mirror together with the COEM Isassi Grigio Chiaro bring about a distinct sleekness and sophistication to your bedroom.

Elegant Epicurean

The pinnacle of comfort and luxury, sparing no expense.

Where there is maximum rest, this curation finds room for bold aesthetics and sophistication. The Cierre Chandelier bed is a prime example for when elegance and beauty take shape in the bedroom.

The Porada Queen 2 and Sonja Night 2 surround the bed space with elegant pieces to compliment the overall motive of the bedroom.

Laying foundations of supreme comfort and luxury, the Atlas Concorde Etic Pallisandro tiles complete the Elegant Epicurean curation with every step you take.