Discerning Minimalist

Curated to embody a clean, white space.

This curation makes use of natural materials such as the Porada Giolo; made from solid canaletta wood to highlight the living room’s discerning atmosphere.

The Edra Standard Sofa brings a sense of casual comfort to perfectly compliment the curation’s minimalist space.

The transversal texture of cement the Floor Gres Industrial Taupe brings an overall harmony that surround your living space.

Refined Bachelor

Eliciting a sleek and established look and feel.

This curation embodies a new dimension of comfort to the living room as the people and its furnishings take center stage. Much like that of the Edra On The Rocks Sofa— with its geometrical pieces that can be declined into different solutions to express your perspective of the room.

The Proada Piroette are made from solid canaletta wood as it heightens the attention and pleasure of the living room. Cottodeste’s Rare Dark- Secret Stone tiles enhance the timeless beauty for those who step foot in this living room curation.

Elegant Epicurean

The pinnacle of comfort and luxury, sparing no expense.

One of the many traits of this curation is the timeless beauty expressed through opulent details, lavish finishes and plush textures.

The Porada collection of the Phillip Sofa, the Maya Mirror along with the Infinity coffee table are furnishings that imbibe the Elegant Epicurean curation.

The Casa Dolce Casa Sahara Noir tiles suggest a perfect chromatic balance to suit an absolute luxurious living room.