Discerning Minimalist

Curated to embody a clean, white space.

Beyond design, The Discerning Minimalist is a philosophy that shows balance between beauty and restraint.

To lay foundations for this curation, the transversal texture of cement of the Floor Gres Industrial Taupe brings an overall harmony that surround your living space.

Paired with the Ethimo Swing, it exemplifies the harmony of your space as distinguished pieces that embrace the natural simplicity of the outdoors.

Refined Bachelor

Eliciting a sleek and established look and feel.

The Refined Bachelor manifests through a masculine-esque look and feel. But what sets it apart is a refined and elegant approach to creating a captivating presence.

The Bocciardatto Limestone Slate tiles lay foundations to maximising the curations overall design and feel— as it combines the finest graining and the most delicate chromatic variations to create powerful and extraordinary tiles.

A huge compliment to illuminate its beauty is the Leucos Great JJ— as it provides a powerful statement that defiantly takes place in this curation.

Elegant Epicurean

The pinnacle of comfort and luxury, sparing no expense.

Designed for opulence in every detail, the Elegant Epicurean is the pinnacle of comfort and luxury where every piece has a story to tell.

Made of the finest stones and marble, the Arabascatto line of tiles surround one’s abode with unparalleled beauty and elegance— where every tile is a voyage through refined suggestions as it provides a perfect chromatic balance to your home.

A fitting furniture to these tiles are that of the Balnea bathtub— as it stimulates those who choose to pamper themselves at the height of comfort and luxury.