Our feelings shape our curations.

Home Studio


Your ultimate partner in building dream homes through inspired, innovative creations.


We treat every space as a masterpiece. We provide delightful, memorable customer experience. We provide our clients solutions to their home living needs.

How We Work

Home Studio is founded on the basic principle of integrity. That in doing what is right can our customers trust our curations to set foot in their homes.

Global Curation

The masterful craft from world renowned artists and brands are foundations to the passion and craftsmanship that Home Studio curates for its customers.

A Feel For Excellence

In this business of feelings, every moment should evoke a high standard for excellence between colleagues and customers.

Home Studio
Grant Lim

Our Founder


“More than aesthetics, what draws me in is the feel of a piece and the inspirational moment that occasioned its creation.” – GRANT LIM

A marketing major, Grant started his career in the corporate world. But he always harbored an interest in design and architecture. This passion was further developed while studying in Taiwan after his college graduation where he got to immerse in its culture, arts, and architecture.

Eventually, Grant founded Home Studio. The style acumen required for curating such an extensive array of unique and sophisticated items comes effortlessly to Grant, who has learned all about the Italian design philosophy throughout his years as an avid follower of design and the arts.

“My appreciation for design and architecture is an ongoing and continuous journey,” he says. “And this journey is what I want to share with my clients. I’m a people person, so I enjoy conversations with them. We both learn from each other.”

He’s right there with you, talking you through every piece and helping fill in your vision.

“My choice of products is not dictated by trends, what’s in fashion or by popular brands,” says Grant. “I go for products made by people who are driven by their values; products with soul. I especially like the ones that have rich stories attached to them. Stories always connect people.

Grant believes that hearing these stories elevates your perception of design. Suddenly, these inanimate objects become undeniably personal. “When a story’s involved, there’s feeling involved,” says Grant. And when you’re selecting pieces for your home, feeling is important, anchoring your identity in something tangible and, yes, tactile.

Create inspired living spaces with Grant’s passion for design. The Home Studio founder curates pieces to bring clients’ vision to life.



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