Il Cerreto

The Warmest And Most Enveloping Wood Effect

Some of the finest Italian and French wines are kept in Cerro barrels. It is this type of warm wood with a particularly resistant and compact grain that inspires Il Cerreto, a collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware with an ancient and lived-in flavour. It comes to life from the cap acorn of the turkey oaks present in the woods of southern Italy, a symbol of a nature in constant evolution. Five warm and enveloping color variations in three sizes and two surfaces, one for interiors and one specific for outdoor flooring. From Champagne, the lightest color, to Amarone, the darkest, through Pinot Grigio, neutral and almost desaturated, Il Cerreto offers a sampling of intensely natural nuances. A collection that lends itself well to dressing environments with international elegance but also with Nordic design, more essential and more oriented towards comfort, whether residential or commercial. A sixth color (Chrome) presents itself, however, as an inlay of several essences in strong contrast with each other, with diagonal lines that introduce geometry into the collection as a design element. The outdoor surface also allows the external flooring to be coordinated on a chromatic level, making the characteristic timeless elegance of the series the distinctive feature of the entire housing project. The Rete Esagonale collection is completed by a cutting decoration that creates a two-tone weave of wood (Il Cerreto) and stone (Pierres des Châteaux) on a hexagonal base.


La Fabbrica Ava

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