Magma is a trendy product whose elegance is best expressed through the large format offered in 120×280 cm in the lapped finish which releases all its brilliance.

A large stone-effect slab with a unique appearance, with its play of depth and a chromatic range which, sometimes far from natural models, expresses bold versions but with unparalleled aesthetic value.

There are four color options in the range: Avio, a reference to the blue of the oceans; Green and its play of light which gives it a glassy effect; the Natural, the true essence of the Patagonia stone and the contrasting Black&White which highlights the profile of the stone, enhancing the morphology of the quartz and the rock.

Undisputed protagonist within a design project, a luxury interpretation of a true jewel of nature, Magma knows how to give the right accent to a glamorous environment making it shine with an indispensable aesthetic through an exclusive and original atmosphere with dream recalls.


La Fabbrica Ava

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