Omphalos Coffee Table

John Pawson

The generous dimensions and unexpected design of John Pawson’s Omphalos coffee table make an instant impact.

What immediately draws the eye to Omphalos are its surprising dimensions, whether in the one-metre or one-and-a-half-metre version. Unusually low, it seems to hover just above the ground, an effect created by its extraordinary design which conceals the base and lends sense of extreme lightness to a monumental piece.

No matter where it is placed, Omphalos becomes the focus of the space, demanding your attention, yet it also emanates a sensation tranquillity and order, due in part to the choice of two pale, soothing colours in the form of Bianco Carrara marble and Crema d’Orcia limestone.

Available in a choice of circular or square form, Omphalos most certainly lives up to its name, which comes from the ancient Greek word for “navel”, and refers to the focus of activity or attention.


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