A home is an extension of who you are. It holds physical representations of one’s experiences and one’s memories. It acts as one’s diary. It holds all of your firsts—first steps, first birthday, first achievement. It is where you celebrate victories, and where one hides in defeat. A place where one contemplates important decisions, and acts as a souvenir of past mistakes. It is where each piece, no matter how small, marks a journey in one’s life.

Your space is a canvas.

A canvas that is longing for attention.


Home Studio considers each tile a complement, a statement. Tiles are now an inspiration to design your home to the next level.

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Pleasure & Form is as paramount to its function.

But pleasure without form and function is a decision to let the world know you are.


Every piece of furniture is handpicked to satisfy our consumers’ distinct and discerning taste. We house a combination of prestige brands under our roof – each with their own specialty – Bonaldo, Porada and Cierre.

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A room breathes, in light.

Beauty hidden in darkness is not done justice. An empty room brightened by perfect illumination lightens one’s disposition. With light, there is life.


We have lights that will unveil and enhance the beauty of the spaces that surround you. The power to create your own light from Vibia and Murano’s rich culture and tradition in the glass designs of Leucos, we desire to bring you delight.

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Sleep perchance to dream.
- William Shakespeare

As dreams tap into our desires and gives you the passion to reach for the stars, "Yesterday will be but today’s memory, today will be tomorrow’s dream." – Khalil Gibran.


We sleep to dream and we wake up to fulfill it. Sleeping preferences are unique and Magniflex gives you the freedom to experience luxury and nature at once.

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