Stiletto 120

With its austere lines and block-like rectangular form, the Stiletto wall-mounted basin in natural stone is a versatile solution for bathrooms of all sizes. Stylish, reassuringly robust and supremely simple in its conception, there are no embellishments or decorative elements, leaving the stone itself to take centre stage. It is also a practical and extremely simple-to-install basin. No carpenters, no stone masons required, no need to drill or dig up the floor. It comes ready for a plumber to install with minimal fuss. We all know there’s never enough storage space in a bathroom, but with the Stiletto, there’s plenty of room to place items such as toothbrushes, lotions and potions, make-up and all the other bits and pieces. Last but not least, Stiletto offers plenty of versatility when it comes to choosing size, colour and even whether you prefer deck-mounted or wall-mounted tapware.


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